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Recognizing the signs of depression

Everyone has bad days now and then. But, when bad days turn into bad weeks, and bad weeks into bad months, there may reach a point where what was a person's temporary sadness may become a continued reality.

Unlike a physical injury or an illness that may be easy to diagnose with various tests or scans, determining depression can be far more difficult. But, there are many signs and symptoms that may help a victim or a doctor determine whether or not a person is suffering from depression and not just a bout of sadness.

Spring means active people, potential for injuries

The signs of spring are all around us, and while many people embrace the change of seasons and the warmer weather that comes with it, it also means that people will be more active while enjoying their outdoor recreational activities.

Whether you are into hiking, biking or playing in sports, there is always the risk of an injury. While a majority of injuries that happen are generally minor, there is always the risk of a serious or catastrophic injury.

How could back pain affect an Atlanta resident's ability to work?

Back injuries are fairly commonplace and can be very incapacitating for workers in Atlanta. Many people find that their ability to work is severely compromised by a back injury. Often, a back injury will manifest itself as severe back pain. This blog post will provide a little bit of information on back pain. Individuals suffering back pain should visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Back pain is obviously a pain that affects a person's back. Sometimes the pain will be a stabbing or shooting pain. Other times it will be a muscle ache. A pain that radiates down the leg or pain causing limited range of back motion or limited flexibility are other manifestations of back pain.

We have helped many Georgia vets with service-connected claims

When U.S. military service members make sacrifices for the benefit of Georgia and the nation, they rightly expect the nation to keep its promises relating to service-connected benefits and care. Although many are getting these promised benefits, others find that they must jump through numerous hoops first. While this may not be fair, this is the reality, and Georgia veterans should be prepared for it.

Not too long ago, we told you the story of one Georgia veteran's struggle to get the benefits he had earned. He was denied initially and had to file an appeal. After four long years, he finally prevailed and got the benefits he was entitled to.

Blood tests may soon help people in Fayette County avoid diseases

Millions of Americans live with chronic diseases such as diabetes, dementia, coronary artery disease, and kidney failure, and a number of those afflicted Americans live in Fayette County. Many people's ability to work is severely affected by these conditions, which can leave them facing financial hardship. Now, though, some researchers think that they may be able determine the risk that individuals have of developing certain chronic conditions based on the results of a battery of blood tests.

The blood tests in question measure things such as liver function, blood glucose, and the quantity of different kinds of blood cells. By combining the results of the various tests, the researchers maintain that they can establish a patient's likelihood of being diagnosed with a condition three years down the road. The researchers say that the battery of tests would allow doctor to concentrate their efforts on those with the worst test scores. These patients could be provided with information on changing their lifestyle, and they could be scheduled for more regular checkups.

What are some ways to file a veteran's disability claim?

Many Georgia veterans live with service-connected injuries as a result of their invaluable service to our country. Many of these vets may be eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which can help with a veteran's issues. In order to get the ball rolling on getting these VA benefits, it is usually necessary to file an application with the government agency. This blog post will provide some information on the process of applying for benefits from the federal VA.

The VA recommends that vets who wish to apply for benefits do so with the help of an accredited representative. An accredited representative is a person or organization that has the permission of the VA to represent veterans before the agency. Because of their knowledge and training, these representatives have the confidence of the VA that the claims they help to file will be complete and competently executed.

Some of the signs and symptoms of liver disease

The liver is a large organ located just underneath the rib cage on the right side of the abdomen. As many people in Fayetteville, Georgia, already know, the liver's main function is to assist in the digestion of food and the elimination of certain toxic substances from the body. If a person's liver is not functioning correctly, it can cause many serious signs and symptoms. The person's ability to do everyday tasks may be limited if they experience liver problems. This blog post will discuss liver disease and some of the ways it could impact people. For more specific information, a doctor's advice should be sought.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of liver disease? The best known sign is probably jaundice, which simply means a condition where the eyes and skin appear to have a yellow tint. There may also be itchy skin, chronic fatigue, vomiting or nausea, a tendency to bruise easily, pain and swelling in the abdomen, loss of appetite, and discolored stool or dark-colored urine. There may be other signs and symptoms as well.

What is a Social Security disability compassionate allowance?

Georgians who have suffered a serious injury or illness that has left them unable to work may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In order to succeed on one of these claims, though, a disabled individual must meet certain federal requirements as laid out by the Social Security Administration. This involves showing that one's medical condition is severe enough to be deemed a "disability," as well as evidencing that one has the proper work history to qualify for SSD benefit. This process can be lengthy, and many claimants see their initial claims denied.

However, those who suffer from the most severe injuries and diseases may qualify for a compassionate allowance through the SSD system. A compassionate allowance is given when an individual suffers from a medical condition that is so severe that it is obvious that it is disabling. This allows the SSA to quickly identify those individuals who are most in need of SSD benefits and who, at a quick glance at objective medical evidence, obviously qualify under the SSD system's standards.

Georgia firm fighting for those with mental health conditions

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed how individuals who suffer from mental illnesses can qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Although the Social Security Administration recognizes a number of mental illnesses, an individual must prove that he or she meets federal requirements before SSD benefits will be granted. Failing to do so will result in a denied claim, which could leave a disabled individual struggling financially, especially when their condition has left them unable to work. For this reason, those who suffer from some kind of mental condition need to consider how to present the best possible claim for initial inspection. And those who have had a claim denied need to know how to regroup and present stronger evidence for their appeal.

This is why the legal professionals at Rogers Hofrichter & Karrh LLC diligently work to uncover evidence that supports their clients' claims. Our attorneys know what kind of medical evidence the SSA is looking for when making an adjudication, so they aggressively seek out medical test results and physician testimony. Our team can also help those suffering from a disability better assess what they need to do in order to strengthen their claim. This could include seeking out additional medical treatment, gathering more documentation or seeking a second opinion from another doctor.

Compensation for service-related disabilities GA veterans suffer

This country's veterans have made some of the greatest sacrifices in service to our country. With this service and sacrifice can come lifelong medical issues like physical and mental disabilities that can leave veterans struggling to find or maintain a job. For veterans, there are a multitude of benefits available to them if they so need.

One of these benefits is access to benefits or compensation for your service-connected disability. This disability can be physical or psychological and it likely impairs your ability to seek or maintain work. Sadly, it can sometimes take deserving applicants many tries to achieve a favorable outcome when seeking a veterans' disability claim. Regardless, sometimes sheer resilience can get a person what they deserve.

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