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What are some ways to file a veteran's disability claim?

Many Georgia veterans live with service-connected injuries as a result of their invaluable service to our country. Many of these vets may be eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which can help with a veteran's issues. In order to get the ball rolling on getting these VA benefits, it is usually necessary to file an application with the government agency. This blog post will provide some information on the process of applying for benefits from the federal VA.

The VA recommends that vets who wish to apply for benefits do so with the help of an accredited representative. An accredited representative is a person or organization that has the permission of the VA to represent veterans before the agency. Because of their knowledge and training, these representatives have the confidence of the VA that the claims they help to file will be complete and competently executed.

Some of the signs and symptoms of liver disease

The liver is a large organ located just underneath the rib cage on the right side of the abdomen. As many people in Fayetteville, Georgia, already know, the liver's main function is to assist in the digestion of food and the elimination of certain toxic substances from the body. If a person's liver is not functioning correctly, it can cause many serious signs and symptoms. The person's ability to do everyday tasks may be limited if they experience liver problems. This blog post will discuss liver disease and some of the ways it could impact people. For more specific information, a doctor's advice should be sought.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of liver disease? The best known sign is probably jaundice, which simply means a condition where the eyes and skin appear to have a yellow tint. There may also be itchy skin, chronic fatigue, vomiting or nausea, a tendency to bruise easily, pain and swelling in the abdomen, loss of appetite, and discolored stool or dark-colored urine. There may be other signs and symptoms as well.

What is a Social Security disability compassionate allowance?

Georgians who have suffered a serious injury or illness that has left them unable to work may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In order to succeed on one of these claims, though, a disabled individual must meet certain federal requirements as laid out by the Social Security Administration. This involves showing that one's medical condition is severe enough to be deemed a "disability," as well as evidencing that one has the proper work history to qualify for SSD benefit. This process can be lengthy, and many claimants see their initial claims denied.

However, those who suffer from the most severe injuries and diseases may qualify for a compassionate allowance through the SSD system. A compassionate allowance is given when an individual suffers from a medical condition that is so severe that it is obvious that it is disabling. This allows the SSA to quickly identify those individuals who are most in need of SSD benefits and who, at a quick glance at objective medical evidence, obviously qualify under the SSD system's standards.

Georgia firm fighting for those with mental health conditions

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed how individuals who suffer from mental illnesses can qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Although the Social Security Administration recognizes a number of mental illnesses, an individual must prove that he or she meets federal requirements before SSD benefits will be granted. Failing to do so will result in a denied claim, which could leave a disabled individual struggling financially, especially when their condition has left them unable to work. For this reason, those who suffer from some kind of mental condition need to consider how to present the best possible claim for initial inspection. And those who have had a claim denied need to know how to regroup and present stronger evidence for their appeal.

This is why the legal professionals at Rogers Hofrichter & Karrh LLC diligently work to uncover evidence that supports their clients' claims. Our attorneys know what kind of medical evidence the SSA is looking for when making an adjudication, so they aggressively seek out medical test results and physician testimony. Our team can also help those suffering from a disability better assess what they need to do in order to strengthen their claim. This could include seeking out additional medical treatment, gathering more documentation or seeking a second opinion from another doctor.

Compensation for service-related disabilities GA veterans suffer

This country's veterans have made some of the greatest sacrifices in service to our country. With this service and sacrifice can come lifelong medical issues like physical and mental disabilities that can leave veterans struggling to find or maintain a job. For veterans, there are a multitude of benefits available to them if they so need.

One of these benefits is access to benefits or compensation for your service-connected disability. This disability can be physical or psychological and it likely impairs your ability to seek or maintain work. Sadly, it can sometimes take deserving applicants many tries to achieve a favorable outcome when seeking a veterans' disability claim. Regardless, sometimes sheer resilience can get a person what they deserve.

New Social Security commissioner to be named?

Millions of Americans depend on Social Security benefits in order to make ends meet. Many have very little, to no other source of income. So it is even more important that the Social Security administration has a strong and decisive leader. For the last four years or so, the Social Security Administration has been without a permanent commissioner due to a variety of factors.

With the naming of a new President of the United States, many have speculated that this year may be the year of the naming of a new and permanent Social Security Administration commissioner. This person is essentially the head and face of the administration and will rule and comment on any changes or legislative issues that may affect the millions of Americans receiving some form of Social Security - including Social Security disability. Since the SSA has not seen many changes in recent years, many speculate that changes to the retirement age, and other factors that have been proposed, may be topics debated and ultimately decided on by the new commissioner and other decision-makers. Federal regulations could set the tone for changes explained by the existing or new commissioner.

The relationship between age, work injury and social security

Most Georgia residents will work full-time jobs the majority of their lives. A popular age to retire is often age 65. If an adult works full time from the age of adulthood, 18-years-old, until age of retirement, which is often 65, they will have worked 47 years. In those 47 years, it is very possible to assume that one may become injured, ill or otherwise unable to work. Some workers suffer injury or illness due to an incident or exposure at work and it can impact the rest of their lives.

There are a few programs available that can aid in helping injured workers. One such program helps workers by awarding SSDI benefits for injuries. SSDI benefits are not limited to those injured on the job, simply those who are unable to work due an injury. However, many of those injuries are sustained due to an accident or incident that happened at work. The federal government sought out to better understand how a work injury can affect workers based on age and how that affects SSDI benefits. It's important to know more because in one year alone, DI benefits paid out roughly $95 billion to injured workers.

What is COLA and how will it affect SSD benefits in 2017?

Social security disability is a federal program that's creation was conceived with the purpose of supporting those who cannot support themselves. When someone receives a social security disability award, it is generally a set amount that cannot be changed without petitioning for a change in amount. However, once in a while increases are approved for social security disability without request. One such increase is called COLA or cost-of-living adjustment.

COLA is a percentage increase determined by the Department of Labor Bureau to account for an increase in the Consumer Price Index. The Consumer Price Index is determined based on a variety of factors to account for inflation across industries for the average consumer. For 2017, the COLA was determined to rise .3 percent. This increase percentage will take affect for recipients of social security without further action on behalf of the recipient.

Work accident injury could qualify for social security disability

There are so many Fayetteville workers that are upstanding and responsible workers. Many work full or part-time for years without having any incident or injury. Meanwhile, every worker pays a portion of their earnings into federally obligated social security. However, some need to access social security funds prior to retirement. Social security disability exists for the sole reason of helping injured or ill workers make ends meet in the short or long-term.

However, social security disability funds do not just appear in your bank account. They have to be requested according to a strict and regimented set of rules. There are several steps in the process of proving that you are in fact eligible for social security disability and for how much you are entitled. In some cases, it is determined for a specific period of time.

President-elect hints at privatization of veterans' healthcare

Those that have served our country have often made immense sacrifice. The sacrifices made by our military, both current and retired, could be time away from family or even sacrifices of health or well-being. This is a huge reason why military members and veterans are offered healthcare benefits through the government. However, there has been talk that the new president-elect is thinking of privatizing veterans' benefits, specifically, veterans' healthcare.

This would take the entire system of veterans' healthcare and turn it on its head. In theory, it would allow veterans to see a doctor of their choosing, instead of the doctors working exclusively for the VA. There is the possibility to receive a combination of private and public healthcare, or to opt into the government's veterans' healthcare as it stands today. With the soon-to-exist change in the house, senate and in the White House, it's possible that VA benefits could see some ground-breaking changes.

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