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Do you need help in applying for veteran's benefits?

Another Memorial Day has come and gone for Georgia residents. Many individuals used the holiday as it was intended by paying tribute to local veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service for their country. Of course, the tributes and thanks do not end now that Memorial Day is gone, particularly for those living veterans who are need of assistance due to injuries they suffered while serving their country.

Fortunately, assistance is available for our veterans through different forms, including a veterans' disability claim. Veterans who have suffered injuries may be eligible for benefits by filing the disability claim.

Veterans: does your medical condition support a benefits claim?

As technology advances, many Georgia residents have become more dependent on using it for everyday tasks. Whether it is using technology at work, at school or at home, technology has become an integral part of our society.

Technology can also play a role in other systems, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs system that processes benefits claims for veterans' injuries. The VA has used a software system since 2012 that aims to reduce the time it takes to process benefits applications. The system uses data from questionnaires filled out by veterans in order to determine whether the person is eligible for benefits. Employees at the VA still play a role in the process as well, such as evaluating the veterans' history and determining whether the computer's recommendation for benefits is correct.

What makes a veteran eligible for disability compensation?

Many Georgia residents value their independence, including their personal freedoms and their financial independence. At the same time, it is important for individuals to understand the options that exist for making them more independent.

For instance, individuals may be entitled to receive certain benefits and financial assistance, which can be vital to helping pay the bills. Veterans in particular should understand what options they have after providing service to their country. Last week, for example, this blog discussed some of the benefits available for benefits who have suffered injuries during the course of their service.

Are family members of veterans entitled to any benefits?

With Memorial Day approaching, many Georgia residents will soon be honoring those who lost their lives served our great country. This includes many living veterans, who also deserve great credit for putting their lives on the line to serve.

Unfortunately, the sacrifices demanded by this service has left many veterans with serious issues in the wake of their service. For instance, many veterans have been left with serious injuries that were suffered during their service. These injuries have not only a physical cost, but a financial cost as well, as the veteran's injuries may make it difficult to obtain employment back home.

Who is in charge of SSD family benefits paid out to a child?

Georgia residents have vastly different family circumstances from one another. The different family dynamics not only make each family unique, it can have a large impact when it comes to legal issues involving a person's family.

This is certainly the case when it comes to Social Security disability benefits. As explained previously in this blog, not only can a disabled person receive SSD benefits, the person's family members may also be entitled to receive certain benefits as well. However, the different family dynamics can change the treatment of these benefits.

How long does it take to receive SSD benefits?

When Georgia residents are in need of serious help, they often cannot afford to wait for that help to arrive. This is often the case when it comes to financial matters, as a person may not be able to do anything to delay his or her financial needs while the person waits for financial assistance to arrive.

When it comes to Social Security disability benefits, a procedure is in place with the Social Security Administration for a person to receive financial assistance for a disability. As discussed last week in this blog, the Social Security Administration will evaluate a person's application for benefits based on a multi-step process that looks at whether the person is disabled.

How does the SSA determine whether to award disability benefits?

When Georgia residents are approaching an important decision, it is vital to have all of the information available to help make that decision. This is the case when it comes to Social Security disability benefits, both for the individual applying for benefits and the Social Security Administration in examining the individual's application.

Last week, this blog discussed who makes the decision of whether to award SSD benefits. As discussed there, the Social Security Administration is the entity that looks at a person's application for benefits; it requires a number of pieces of information to evaluate whether an award of benefits is appropriate.

Waits for veterans to receive care remain long

Waiting lists for ill or disabled veterans continue to be long. The number of vets waiting 30 to 60 days for non-emergency treatment and care is virtually unchanged from this past summer. The number of appointments taking over 90 days to complete has nearly doubled during that same period.

The goal for VA medical facilities was to have patients seen within 30 days after an appointment. However, approximately 894,000 appointments at these facilities between Aug. 1 and Feb. 28 did not meet this goal. There has been a disparity in the care that veterans receive depending on the geographic area. Of 75 clinics and hospitals with the greatest percentage of patients waiting more than 30 days, it appears that 11 of these were in Georgia.

Who decides whether SSD benefits are approved?

When Georgia residents are in need of assistance, it is obviously important to know what they can do in order to receive that assistance. It is also imperative that individuals understand who can provide assistance, and how that help is provided.

When it comes to Social Security disability benefits, there are a number of requirements that apply before benefits will be awarded. First, however, it is important to understand who makes the decision of whether to award benefits.

How are SSDI benefits taxed?

It is that time of the year again, when Georgia residents are preparing to file their tax returns with the government. While this is often an unpleasant experience for many, it can be particularly difficult when individuals have questions about how to report certain income.

This is often the case when it comes to Social Security disability benefits. Typically, a person who receives SSDI benefits will receive a 1099 form, which indicates his or her total amount of benefits. The individual will also work with a Notice 703, which is a worksheet included with the 1099.

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