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Qualifying for disability benefits for burn injuries

People in Fayetteville can suffer burn injuries in a variety of ways, from kitchen fires at home, dangerous chemicals at work or serious car crashes. The Social Security Administration recognizes that those who suffer burn injuries may be unable to work for a year or more and, thus, includes soft tissue injuries in its Listing of Impairments.

Can SSD benefit recipients return to work on a trial basis?

Many people in Fayetteville who cannot work due to a disability may feel like part of their identity -- their occupation -- has been taken from them. Therefore, even though they may be receiving Social Security disability benefits, if their health allows them, they may want to try re-entering the workforce at some point. However, if they do so will they lose the SSDI benefits they need to get by financially?

Confronting obesity after a major disability

For many people living with a disability, their condition causes profound effects on the rest of their body over time. For example, if you hurt your right knee, you will likely put more pressure on your left knee when you walk. Eventually, your “good” knee could become painful too.

What if my injury was my fault?

As human beings, we all make mistakes, usually several times a day. While oftentimes these mistakes are relatively minor errors that cause little more than embarrassment or an inconvenience, on some occasions, our mistakes have serious consequences.

Can I get Social Security Disability and workers' compensation?

Many people in Fayetteville and other parts of the Atlanta area get hurt at work. Should this happen, injured Georgia workers may find themselves facing medical expenses and loss of income. The loss of income can be particularly troubling if injuries leave the worker permanently disabled.

Can I get Social Security Disability and workers' compensation?

After an injury at work, Georgia workers may find themselves needing medical treatment and also replacement income. This is particularly true if injuries leave the worker permanently disabled.

Veterans' disability system changes proposed

There have been criticisms that the number and complexity of medical examinations and costs in the veterans' disability system are excessive. To combat this, the federal government has proposed a series of reforms in the President's 2020 budget that would revise medical examinations for veterans benefits.

VA may not fight appeal of Navy veterans' benefits

Awarding benefits for war-related injuries is not always assured. Thousands of navy veterans are ineligible for veterans benefits for any disability from their exposure to chemical defoliants used in the Vietnam War, which have been associated with serious and rare cancers. However, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does not recommend appealing a federal court ruling awarding disability benefits to veterans who claim exposure to these chemicals during ship deployments off Vietnam's coast.

How high are SSDI benefits?

SSDI benefits may be a vital lifeline for disabled workers. On average, the monthly Social Security Disability Insurance benefit is $1,234 in Jan. 2019. However, beneficiaries may receive a monthly benefit that is less or more than this amount. Benefits are calculated on a worker's average lifetime earnings. Payments are not based on household income or the severity of the disability.

New rules complicate SSDI hearings

The Social Security Disability eligibility process may be complicated, but new federal regulations issued over the last two years have also added complexity to seeking SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration imposed requirements that evidence must be submitted within at least five days before a hearing or the administrative law judge must be notified of that evidence within that time. ALJs may refuse to consider evidence that was not submitted before this deadline. Some ALJs may not consider any late evidence unless there was good cause for missing this deadline, but there are no rules defining good cause.


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