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Month: May 2017

An overview of spinal injuries

One of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the human body is the spine. The spinal cord contains nerves that connect from the brain to the rest of the body. Protecting the nerves are vertebrae, which are rings of bone that form the back bone or spinal column....

Understanding kidney disease

Recently, comedian and late night host John Oliver dedicated most of his popular show "Last Week Tonight" spotlighting problems with companies who provide kidney dialysis to Americans. It was an eye-opening feature story, and help shed the light on a disease that...

What is cancer?

More likely than not, you have or had a family member or friend deal with some form of cancer. But, what exactly is cancer, and how does it affect the human body? In its simplest definition, cancer is the disruption of the cycle of a body's cell, the formation of...


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