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Putting your best foot forward in a Social Security benefit claim

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Social Security Disability

No matter how hard Georgia residents try, it can be difficult to stay on top of one’s finances. Just with the rising costs of basic living expenses alone, individuals may find it hard to pay all of their monthly bills on a fixed salary. Making matters worse, when a person’s ability to earn income is affected by unforeseen circumstances, it can leave the person with few options for paying their monthly obligations.

Fortunately, individuals have the right to receive certain benefits under the Social Security program. For instance, if a person becomes unable to work because of an illness or disability, the person can receive Social Security benefits. What’s more, these benefits may be received on top of other benefits, like those through ERISA or long-term disability insurance plans.

However, it is not an automatic guarantee that individuals will receive benefits. In order to qualify, the person should understand how their claim for benefits will proceed through the system, and how they can better their chances of receiving benefits.

Our firm understands this process well, having worked with many clients over the years who have successfully received benefits. We can help individuals not only with the technical expertise of filing their claim, but also with gathering the evidence necessary to support the claim. We are also experienced in making effective presentations on behalf of our clients, in order to place the claim for benefits in the best light and give it the best chance of succeeding. For more information on our firm’s expertise and success, please visit our page on Social Security disability benefits for illnesses.


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