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Wait times in Georgia for Social Security disability claims

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Social Security Disability

In Georgia, and around the country, the increasing number of baby boomers has changed the social landscape. The changing demographics have also had many secondary consequences as the increased demand for services by baby boomers has put strains on those services.

One area in which this is particularly true is with Social Security disability benefits for injuries. Many Georgian baby boomers are aging and more likely to suffer injuries that impact their ability to work and earn an income. As a result, many baby boomers have filed claims for Social Security disability benefits as a result of injuries they have suffered.

The increase in claims is having an impact on the system as some areas of the country have experienced a longer time between a claim being filed and a hearing being held on the claim. Budget cuts and limiting funding have also increased the waiting time individuals face to obtain a hearing, which now stands at about 422 days. Nationwide, about 970,000 cases remain pending.

The wait time varies for different parts of the country. Therefore, the wait time in some areas may not be typical for what Georgia residents will face. Nonetheless, it pays for Georgia residents to be on top of their claim from the get-go as the appeals that take place after denied claims will only add to the wait time individuals will face before receiving the benefits they need.

Accordingly, by working with an experienced attorney, individuals can understand how the process works and how to get a hearing in as little time as possible. Additionally, they can further ensure they give themselves the best chance of having their claim for benefits approved.

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