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Did you know Social Security benefits can be checked online?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

The process for applying for Social Security disability can feel long, arduous and it may seem difficult to stay on top of the status of your application. There are often multiple components that complete a full Social Security disability application. Knowing what to submit, and when, can feel overwhelming for some in Fayette County. There is another way to check on the status of your Social Security disability application and benefits.

The internet may feel foreign to some, especially for those that didn’t grow up with that type of technology. However, if you are looking to make the process easier of checking on your application, accessing your benefits, or even appealing a Social Security decision – you can. The website of the Social Security Administration allows those interested in finding information or filing actions related to application or denial of benefits. If it seems like too much, there are third parties that can act on your behalf to handle the process of securing Social Security disability benefits.

A person may be denied Social Security disability benefits even if they should otherwise be entitled to them. This denial could be a matter of incorrect paperwork or evidence needed to prove the validity of your claim. With the holidays this time of the year, it can be particularly difficult to keep up with the Social Security disability process as you otherwise would. Even if you are just thinking of beginning the process, it is best to come prepared for the obstacles you may face.

Obstacles could manifest as an initial denial of benefits or as an uncertainty about how to answer certain question on a Social Security disability application. Many people are entitled to — and receive — Social Security disability benefits. Becoming one of those people is, no doubt, a process. Using the tools at your disposal can make the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits easier and the goal more attainable.

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