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Southern states have highest number of disability recipients

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Greater than 10 million Americans receive Social Security Disability benefits. While a neighboring state may have the second highest number of residents nationally receiving disability benefits, an analysis of the most recent Social Security data available revealed that southern states in general have higher numbers of residents receiving disability benefits than other regions of the country.

Of the only four states in the country with 8 percent or greater of 18 to 64-year olds receiving Social Security Disability benefits, all four states are in the South. A recent analysis placed the amount of monthly Social Security benefits paid at $11.4 billion per month which was a nationwide increase from $6.1 billion a decade ago. Benefits range from $700 o $1,700 per month with an average monthly disability benefit of $1,171.

Of those receiving Social Security Disability benefits, disabled workers account for the largest number of recipients nationally. Of the 10.23 million disabled individuals receiving disability benefits nationally, 87 percent were disabled workers. The average age for disability recipients was 54. In addition, men represent 52 percent of benefit recipients. According to the Social Security Administration, the largest disease diagnosis category for recipients of disability benefits was musculoskeletal system and connective tissue medical conditions accounting for 31.7 percent of disability benefits.

Social Security Disability benefits are an important resource for disabled individuals and their families. Whether the disabled individual was injured at work or is suffering from a disability that developed another way that prevents them from being able to work, it is important to be familiar with the options that are out there, including disability benefits, and the important assistance disability benefits can provide.

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