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Understanding veterans’ service-related disability benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Veterans' Issues

Veterans may suffer from physical and psychological disability related to their service. It is important that disabled veterans are familiar with the disability options that may be available to them. Veterans’ benefits may be available for a service-related disability. When veterans applying for disability benefits are denied benefits, it is also important for them not to give up and exhaust the appeals process to obtain the badly-needed benefits.

Veterans’ benefits for a service-related disability can be essential for the needs of veterans and their families. It is also essential for disabled veterans to be familiar with eligibility requirements to obtain service-related disability benefits. The disabled veteran must be considered a veteran according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. In general, the definition includes service members in the military, naval or air services who did not receive a dishonorable discharge.

Additionally, to qualify for veterans’ disability benefits, the disability the veteran is suffering from must be service-related. Veterans may be suffering from a mental or physically disabling condition to qualify. Demonstrating that the disability is service-related can, at times, be the most challenging requirement for veterans to meet. There are different methods for proving service-related disability it is helpful for a disabled veteran to be familiar with.

Medical conditions that may be considered service related can include depression or anxiety; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Gulf War Syndrome; traumatic brain injuries; neurological/brain disorders; hearing problems; back injuries; knee injuries; orthopedic injuries; gunshot and shrapnel wounds; amputations; and exposure to radiation or cancer. It is important for disabled veterans to be familiar with their rights and how to enforce them when they return home and suffer from a disability that prevents them from living a normal life and requires disability benefits.


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