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Many veterans receive Social Security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Veterans' Issues

Social Security disability benefits are a financial lifeline for millions of Americans who cannot work due to long-term debilitating illnesses and injuries. What Georgia residents may not know, though, is that there is a large subset of the disability benefits-receiving population who are former members of our nation’s military. Disabled veterans do receive and can apply for Social Security disability benefits to help maintain their needs after their periods of service have ended.

In fact, according to the Office of Retirement Policy at the Social Security Administration, more than 9 million American veterans received disability benefits in 2016. While some of the veterans who received benefits during 2016 served during World War II, the majority of the veterans receiving assistance from the Social Security Administration were active during the Vietnam War.

On average, veterans receive slightly more financial support in the form of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration than nonveteran men. In 2015, veterans received about $1,438 per month in benefits while nonveteran men received on average $1,326 per month. This slight increase existed across all age demographics.

Veterans who are unable to work due to illness and injury have rights to seek disability benefits just like other Americans who did not serve in military. When preparing to apply for benefits from the Social Security Administration, it can be helpful for veterans to seek the counsel of disability benefits attorneys. Conversations about the benefits process can help veterans submit complete disability benefits applications and receive timely responses to their requests for financial help. They can also help veterans explore other possible avenues to securing financial help from additional governmental benefits programs.


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