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What is considered when seeking SSD benefits for liver disease?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses

Georgia residents who are suffering from any kind of illness will have problems performing certain activities. Some can lead to the inability to work and a need for extensive treatment. If the illness is severe enough, it is possible to apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits. A key factor in an approval is understanding what constitutes the requirements for qualifying for SSD benefits for illness. When a person is suffering from liver disease, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration evaluates it based on its diagnosis, symptoms and prognosis.

When a person is suffering from chronic liver disease, they can have scarring, inflammation or cell necrosis. Necrosis means that the organ is dying. This must persist for more than six months to be considered chronic. When a person has chronic liver disease, it can result in various problems such as liver cancer, portal hypertension and other issues. There can be hemorrhaging, fluid accumulating in the abdominal cavity, fluid in the chest cavity, or a negative impact to brain functioning in what is known as encephalopathy. Laboratory findings can indicate that there is liver dysfunction. People can only be cured of end stage liver disease if they have a liver transplant.

People can have the following symptoms if they are suffering from chronic liver disease: itching, feeling fatigued, nausea, losing one’s appetite, and having issues sleeping. The correlation between the stage and severity of the person’s liver disease is not always clear through the assessment of the symptoms. There can be signs of chronic liver disease including jaundice, the liver and spleen becoming enlarged, a change to the person’s mental status, peripheral fluid retention, and abdominal swelling from fluid retention.

When a person is suffering from liver disease, it could have happened for a variety of reasons whether it is lifestyle, infections such as hepatitis, genetics and other factors. Regardless, when a person has liver disease, it can negatively impact their ability to work a normal job or work at all. They will need medical care and possibly long-term hospitalization. When suffering from liver disease, it is first important to get an accurate diagnosis. After that, considering applying for Social Security disability benefits for illness is a wise step. A law firm that helps clients with their SSD application is beneficial for getting approved disability benefits.


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