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How medical treatment and medication affect SSDI determinations

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

People in Georgia have been getting injured for many, many years. There is nothing new about the fact that people get hurt, but what has changed over the years is the medical treatment and technology used to treat injuries. There have been great advances in medical treatment, and injuries that may have previously caused an early death, can be treated so the person is able to live a long, full life even if they do not fully heal from the injuries.

There are many medications and treatments that allow people to deal with the pain or limitations caused by the injury. Also, advances in medical equipment, such has prosthetics, allow people to move around and live their life relatively normally even after losing a limb. However, even with the advances in medicine, there are periods of time after an injury when people will have to just let the injury heal or will need time to allow the treatment to work effectively.

During this period of time, people may not be able to work as a result and may need another source of income in order to continue to pay their bills. People in this situation may be able to receive social security disability or SSDI benefits, but first they must go through physical examination to determine the extent of their injuries. These examinations must occur while the person is taking their medication or using the medical devices they will be using in daily life. The determinations will be made based on how the person functions while taking the medication or while using the devices.

People in Georgia suffer many different types of injuries. The injuries require various levels of treatment to fully heal or at least make people’s lives as normal as possible while living with the injury. People with sever injuries who may be unable to work as a result may be able to receive SSDI benefits to help financially. However, the examinations must occur while the person is taking medication or using medical devices that they will use in life. These can be complicated determinations and experienced attorneys could be useful.


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