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How long will you need to wait for a Social Security hearing?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Social Security Disability

If you have recently applied for Social Security Disability benefits, you likely did so because you don’t have any other viable source of income to help you support yourself and your family. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration receives thousands of applications each day, most of which require manual authentication, verification and approval.

Although some parts of the disability application process have become more efficient thanks to the rise in computer technology and digital sorting, those with certain medical conditions could find their application turned down, necessitating an appeal and a hearing.

Even though your condition may be particularly debilitating, you may need to prove to an administrative law judge that the condition you have prevents you from working or caring for yourself. Waiting for a hearing can often take many months, during which time you will likely want to gather evidence to help build your case.

Atlanta, Georgia, has wait times of more than a year

Different field offices for the Social Security Administration have different average wait times for hearings. There are two offices for the SSA in Atlanta. The downtown facility has an average wait time of 15 months for a hearing, while the Atlanta North facility has an average of 13.5 months.

While that may be longer than the wait time in some states, it is shorter than in other places, where wait times can be 18 months or even close to two years. Thankfully, if you are successful at your hearing, you will receive benefits back pay to help cover your costs during that wait, making it all the more important to put that time to good use preparing evidence for your case.


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