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Tips to prevent a Social Security Disability claim denial

| May 1, 2020 | Social Security Disability

When you apply for Social Security Disability (SSD), there exists a remarkably high probability that your application will be denied. This is normal in most cases, as the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes an exacting approach to reviewing and subsequently approving disability claims.

Of course, you have the right to appeal the SSA’s decision, and with solid legal counsel, you may win your appeal. Still, wouldn’t it be great if you received approval on your first try instead of having to do it all over again? While there are no guarantees that your first try will succeed, there are a few things disabled Fayetteville residents can do to strengthen their claims.

  1. Include as much documentation as possible when you are filing your Social Security Disability claim. The more authoritative information you can provide, the better your chances of initial success. Providing the SSA with comprehensive medical information, for example, can answer any questions the Administration may have about your claim.
  2. Keep the SSA fully updated on the details of your condition. For example, if something changes with your illness or injury, make sure to send documentation of these changes to the SSA. If you do not know how to submit new information, contact the SSA, or ask a legal professional for assistance.
  3. Work with a Social Security Disability attorney to make sure your application is as complete and detailed as possible. Legal representation when filing offers many benefits. It can ensure your application is complete, but if you do receive a denial, you will have a ready advocate to help you file an appeal.

With the right approach, acquiring Social Security Disability approval on your first try is possible. Having a legal advocate by your side can increase your chances of filing successfully.


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