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The federal ERISA Act of 1974 established standards that corporate pension plans must comply with in order to be insured with U.S. government backing. ERISA regulations determine when employees may enter their pension plan, spousal rights, and all other provisions that affect the amount you will receive from your pension after you retire or become disabled. If your company pension plan has been in place since 1975, chances are ERISA affects you.

The disability law firm of Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh, LLC, has been helping people fight for their rights under ERISA law since 1993. We primarily serve the needs of individual employees in the metropolitan region of Atlanta, Georgia. Because ERISA is a federal law, we also help people resolve disputes and litigate ERISA claims nationwide.

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Employers are not legally compelled to establish a pension plan, and ERISA cannot force an employer to do so. If an employer puts a plan in place, it is required to meet minimum standards. ERISA regulations govern the manner in which a plan is implemented and managed, and generally do not specify the amount of actual dollar benefits a plan participant can expect. When you meet with us to discuss your ERISA dispute or litigation matter, we will fully explain how ERISA law affects your specific set of circumstances and what legal obligation your employer or plan administrator has under the law.

The type of long-term disability benefit you receive will vary according to the terms of your plan. Most policies require an election by the plan participant to be a member of the plan, and will usually require you to make a financial contribution. The amount of coverage will vary, usually expressed in terms of a percentage of base income. Under most plans, coverage will begin after a waiting period (i.e. ninety or 180 days), after which benefits will be paid if you become “disabled.”

Combined disability benefits

Under ERISA, you may be entitled to receive money benefits if you become disabled or suffer an illness that prevents you from earning a living. Our firm has received the AV rating* and has taken a leadership role in helping people understand their ERISA rights and how to receive additional benefits under welfare and social security law.

Our attorneys can help you with disability claims such as:

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