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Advising SSDI Recipients About Returning To Work

If you are interested in returning to work after suffering a medical disability, you should turn to our team at Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh, LLC, for counsel. Our reputable disability law firm has served the Atlanta metro area for more than 30 years, and our attorneys can advise you on how to return to work without jeopardizing your benefits.

Getting Back To Work In Georgia

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers a few work incentives for SSD recipients to encourage the return to performing substantial gainful activity (SGA). These include:

  • Trial work period (TWP): The SSA offers a trial work period (TWP) for people who receive SSDI but want to go back to work. For up to nine months, you can try performing substantial gainful activity (SGA) again without losing your benefits.
  • Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE): For up to three years, you can still receive a full SSDI check if you earn less than the SGA limit.
  • Subsidies and impairment-related work expenses (IRWEs): If your employer needs to provide reasonable accommodations for you, the SSA may subsidize some of them as an incentive for them to hire you. You may also reimbursement IRWEs such as medical devices, service animals and accessibility software from your

The SSA also has a Ticket to Work program that provides job training, rehabilitation and other resources to get you on your feet. The agency’s Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) allows you to submit a plan to become independent, then deduct necessary expenses from your income.

The Importance Of Having A Disability Attorney

It is smart to work with a disability law attorney who can advise you on how to maximize your benefits and avoid paying for IRWEs unnecessarily. Our Social Security Disability lawyers practice disability law 100% and have handled more than 6,000 cases. You can rely on us to inform you of your options and rights.

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