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Work-Related Knee Injury Claims

Whether you were hurt in a workplace accident or felt a “pop” while performing your duties, you are covered for injuries to your knees, shoulders or other joints. You are entitled to free and proper medical treatment and your lost wages for time away from work.

However, employers and their insurance carriers may deny your claim or try to control which doctors you see. Those doctors may not be qualified to treat your knee or joint injury, or may be more loyal to your employer’s bottom line than your best interests.

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Workers’ Compensation for Injuries to Joints

Our experienced lawyers are skilled at proving that your knee injury, shoulder injury or injury to an elbow, wrist, ankle or foot is work-related. We aggressively assert our clients’ rights to treat with specialists who can diagnose and properly treat these serious injuries. And we can step in if your employer challenges your claim or orders you back to work prematurely.

We have helped knee injury clients get medical clearance and healing time for:

  • Arthroscopic surgery to remove torn cartilage
  • Total knee replacement
  • Meniscus tear or ACL/MCL ligament surgery
  • Rotator cuff surgery

Your knees and joints are too important for you to suffer silently and risk greater injury. Contact us after your accident to build your workers’ comp claim correctly from the start, or if you have already been denied coverage for your work injury. We can also help with related claims for long-term disability insurance or Social Security disability.