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The Fight Is Not Over After A Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Did your employer’s insurance company deny your claim for workers’ compensation benefits? Do not give up. You are not alone.

At Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh, LLC, we have seen this many, many times. Since 1993, we have handled more than 6,000 claims for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can represent you in your appeal, never tiring until we have done everything in their power to help you.

Why Did They Deny Your Claim?

Insurance companies give many reasons why they may deny a workers’ compensation claim. In our decades of practice, we have heard all of them. Some of the most common include:

  • Lack of documentation
  • Injury or illness did not occur as a result of your job
  • Injury or illness caused by claimant’s negligence
  • Injury or illness caused by a preexisting condition
  • Failure to report the injury in time

While these are legally sound reasons for denials, insurance companies do not always act in good faith. Your claim might be perfectly valid, but the insurer does not want to pay your benefits. You will need a workers’ compensation benefits attorney who can assess your situation, communicate with the insurance company and hold them accountable.

How Do You File An Appeal?

The first step is to file a request for a hearing before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. At your workers’ compensation hearing, you and your attorney can present your evidence, including additional medical records and testimony from experts. An administrative judge will issue a decision and could award you back benefits, as well.

Start Your Appeal With A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer’s Help

Get the assistance of Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh, LLC, for a thorough, prompt appeal. Please schedule your initial consultation with us at 770-884-6705 or send us an email. We have locations in Atlanta, Fayetteville and Cartersville.