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Workers’ Compensation For Overuse Injuries

If you have developed numbness, soreness, weakness or paralysis in your fingers, hands or arms, you may have a claim under workers’ compensation for a repetitive motion injury. But employers and their insurers routinely challenge these claims, arguing that the injury is not work-related or not severe enough to warrant a disability claim.

Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh has handled work injury claims since 1993, with high success in getting clients covered for a repetitive motion injury. Our attorneys take cases in Metro Atlanta and statewide Georgia, and invite you to arrange a free consultation.

Repetitive Use Injuries

These claims go by many names — repetitive stress, repetitive motion, overuse, cumulative trauma. The bottom line is that you were injured by performing the normal duties of your job, and your employer is obligated to provide for your recovery or compensate you for permanent damage. Our job is to prove the connection and assert your rights to lost wages and medical care, including surgical repair if necessary.

We have represented factory workers, airline mechanics, dental hygienists and employees in many occupations who have lost function, strength or sensation in their upper extremities from repeated tasks in the scope of employment. We have handled cases of carpal tunnel syndrome (wrists), rotator cuff injury (shoulder), tennis elbow/tendinitis and deadness in their fingers and hands.

Treatment may include rest, ergonomic equipment at work, physical therapy, or surgery to repair ligaments or remove damaged nerves. Our lawyers strive to hold employers accountable for whatever our clients need and deserve under the law, including settlements for partial or total disability.

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